Thus, began the process of how I raise my testosterone naturally in my body by consuming four unrefined oils: castor, soybean, olive and coconut oil.

As we consume healthy fats and soaks into our joints, blood, liver, bones and muscles, the body naturally creates the necessary hormone (which is essentially fat burning and nutrient synthesizing).

As you raise your testosterone levels naturally, your body naturally increases production of the hormones that allow you to naturally lift weights and have more muscle mass. Thus, as your body naturally produces the hormones you need to build your natural muscle and strength, you naturally become naturally stronger and physically stronger.

In the last decades, the diet and lifestyle habits in the modern society has changed the life expectancy of the people in the world. With the increasing life expectancy, a huge number of people have a lot of physical & mental problems. It also affects the way the men can perform their daily activities with ease.

One such example is prostate problems. We can’t deny the fact that prostate problems affect a lot of men. Apart from prostate problems, having a strong impact on a man’s physical life and his mental life, the most important things for men is the libido and also the quality of sex.

There are two important factors which affect a man’s libido, the sex itself and the hormone testosterone.

While physical libido can be a challenge, increasing the testosterone level is not that difficult. Although there are multiple ways to increase the testosterone levels, the most natural way is to increase your healthy fat levels in your body.

Now, you might ask yourself, why are we raising testosterone naturally? If it naturally builds your muscles and increases strength, why do we need to artificially raise testosterone to have this same effect?

The answer lies in the differences between muscle strength and muscle power. If muscle strength were naturally built by the body, naturally increasing muscle power would occur naturally.

If you build muscle with steroids or other steroid drugs, muscle strength isn’t increased naturally. With natural testosterone naturally raised in your body, the muscle strength you produce will naturally build muscle power. In my example, the muscle power naturally built through the natural testosterone increased muscle strength naturally as well.

During my time as a gym rat, I have noticed several differences in how testosterone naturally raised naturally in my body. As I continue to eat and nourish my body naturally, I have noticed that my testosterone levels naturally increase to the natural testosterone levels I am naturally naturally at (around 210).

The testosterone levels in my body naturally get closer and closer to naturally raised testosterone levels that are naturally occurring within my body. The natural testosterone increases are usually followed by natural testosterone decreases as I continue to live a healthy lifestyle.